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The Path to the Purple Jacket



A truly unbelievable round of golf. With his practice round leaving a lot on the table, some thought he may have slipped a bit. His moral was down, energy flat and his mind was clearly not in it. Most thought no chance.

But as true champions do, Jordan stepped up on tournament day and put out one of the great performances we have seen at the Purple Bag in a long time. 

Becoming only the second golfer to win two purple jackets, Mr. Kline may have just solidified himself as one of the greats. What we don't know if Jordan is the golfer to beat or if he himself has woken a sleeping giant in Brandon Smid or a golfer from the field lying in wait.

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Purple Bag Golf Tournament (9).png
Purple Bag Golf Tournament (9).png
A Gentleman's Toast
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Hear from our Champions as they talk about their path to the Purple Jacket. The trials and tribulations, the celebrations and the desire they have to become a part of an elite group of golfers. 

The tradition of excellence lives on in these gentleman's gentleman.

A Gentleman's Toast
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